Image Prioritisation

Depending on the device of your website visitors, what images they actually see on the screen can vary. Loading images that the user cannot see on her screen immediately is not efficient and costs resources.

ShimmerCat can automatically identify the position of images on the webpage and prioritize their loading accordingly to create a better and faster experience for the visitor.

Sending over-the-fold images with highest priority helps rendering the page faster. But for that to be possible, we need to know which images in a given page are rendered over the fold. Websites use a variety of methods to place and position images on a page, and simply inspecting the HTML structure, or even the rendered DOM, is deemed to fail in some cases. Therefore ShimmerCat opts for a simple optical scan which is able to identify images rendered and visible on each page directly.

Identify and prioritize above-the-fold images

Above-the-fold content is the portion of the web page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. ShimmerCat can automatically identify the images that are above-the-fold and prioritize these assets that actually matters for the visitor interaction.

Random loading of images waste your visitors’ bandwidth. This means that the browser ends up downloading smaller off-screen images (9-12 and 5-8) before the on-screen ones. This can cause an inferior user experience that is even more significant for slower connections. ShimmerCat can identify high priority images and prioritize these to improve your loading times.

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