Backend Engineer

We are currently looking for a senior backend engineer that wants to become a part of growing team, and join our exciting journey. See more info below.

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About this job
  • Summary

    Role: Backend engineer

    Job type: Full-time

    Experience level: Senior

    Location: Sweden, Stockholm or Umeå

    Technologies: Django, Celery, Kubernetes, and more!

    Company size: 5-10 people

    Company type: VC Funded

    Industry: Enterprise Software, SaaS, Web technologies, Advanced Analytics

  • Job Description

    We are a young company that specializes in automatic website acceleration, and we are currently looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with experience building SaaS products. These are the kind of questions that occupy us in a day-to-day basis:

    • How can we automatically optimize HTTP/2 traffic on the wire so that a website loads faster?
    • In a browser, how can we automatically use the time between HTTP requests better?
    • How can we automatically reduce image size in websites while at the same time improving their appearance?
    • How can we automatically manage bot traffic to our customers’ websites, so that they those sites are accessible only to good bots our customers benefit from, while protecting our customers from sudden traffic surges and hackers.
    • How can we run all these automations at scale?
    • How can we package our services so that our customers can use them in an easy and straightforward way?

    If none of the above sounds easy, it’s because it is not. But we have found ways to improve the status quo and ship those improvements to our customers. Those ways include building our own web edge software, data analysis pipelines, and inference engines.
    Now we are opening a third backend engineer position to help us, among other things, consolidate the work with business objects, e.g. optimization rules, reports and system tasks.

  • About you

    What you will do:
    • Plan and build product features - directly impact how our customers’ systems improve.
    • Experiment — this is a startup so everything can change.
    • Ship code that affect hundreds of thousands of website visitors every week.
    • Participate in code reviews and help to guide software architecture decisions.
    • Mentor and learn from the other members of your team.

    What you will bring:
    • 5+ years of software development experience.
    • Experience in building and maintaining a SaaS product at scale.
    • An affinity for creating software that is extensible, performant, and easy to read.
    • A degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.

  • About ShimmerCat

    We build and maintain ShimmerCat, which is a web server that handles requests for things which are part of an e-commerce website. While doing so, ShimmerCat sends data about the traffic to our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure analyzes the data, and sends back directives to ShimmerCat about how to manage the traffic in a way that improves website loading time and protects e-commerces from cyber-threats.

    What kind of data ShimmerCat sends to the service for analysis?
    HTTP headers and other metadata, like timestamp, TCP details, TLS and protocol fingerprints, etc.

    What kind of optimization ShimmerCat delivers?
    At the moment we automatically build rules for HTTP/2 Push and resource preloading, rules for redirecting automatic traffic, above-the-fold image prioritization data, and next-gen optimized image formats.

    What other technologies are used at ShimmerCat?
    Django + Celery, Elasticsearch, Redis, Apache Beam (big data batch jobs), Apache Flink (event streaming), Kubernetes, Helm, SQL databases

    What about machine learning?
    We do that too :)

    What about company culture?
    We believe in a strong team spirit to reach success. For an overview of our values, see our code of honor.

  • Apply

    To apply for the job, send us your CV and a short motivation letter explaining why you would like to join ShimmerCat.

    Please send your application to Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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