Image Features

Images are a key part of any e-commerce website, and they are vital for creating a good user experience. ShimmerCat provides intelligent image features, including image optmization and prioritization, to improve the performance of your website.

Image optimization

Next-gen image formats like JPEG2000, and WebP have superior compression and quality characteristics compared to their older JPEG and PNG counterparts. ShimmerCat automatically encodes your images in these formats, compresses the images, scales them to the visitor’s device, and enhances the images to provide a superior visitor experience. Read more.


Instead of using several third-party solutions to optimize images, ShimmerCat intelligently combines several images features.

Image prioritization

Random loading of images waste your visitors’ bandwidth. This means that the browser ends up downloading smaller off-screen images (9-12 and 5-8) before the on-screen ones. This can cause an inferior user experience that is even more significant for slower connections. ShimmerCat can identify high priority images and prioritize these to improve your loading times. Read more.


The majority of your visitors use mobiles where bandwidth often ends up being allocated to the wrong assets. This feature helps you improve mobile conversion rates.

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