AI and Automation

Data about website visitor behavior is collected and sent to the AI engine where it is analyzed and optimised for performance. This provides an automatic way of going beyond handmade conventional optimizations, and also makes it possible to learn, predict, and act pro-actively on web-traffic.

For an e-commerce, a slow website means losing profit. But e-commerce websites need to balance the speed requirement with lots of attractive images, the transition of customers to mobile devices, enhanced security, and many other website features. Automation mixed with artificial intelligence and machine learning can help in all these fronts. Indeed, the use of these techniques to defuse security threats is nothing new, and there are several services using AI for improving user experience, including personalized product recommendations and automatic chat bots. In addition to that, it is now possible to apply AI and machine learning to improve website speed.

AI to improve website speed

“From mobile first to AI first” is Google’s new motto, but why is it then so hard to create a service for using AI to improve e-commerce website speed? There are many reasons involved, and one must remember that running an e-commerce via the web is a complex task. And in order to power it with AI means even more fundamental changes to the setup. First, you must be able to collect data about loading times and performance, and also be able to analyze the collected data. And secondly, and the most complex component, you must be able to use the data to optimize your website loading times. In other words, to use AI to optimize loading times, you need a system for collecting data, and advanced technology to use that data to create a better user experience for customers. This is exactly what ShimmerCat for Business does.

To reduce website loading times with AI, ShimmerCat provides (1) a product that can collect and analyze data, and (2) a disruptive HTTP/2 web server that can capitalize on that data and that can automatically deliver e-commerce websites much faster to the customers.

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