Cost-Effective in several dimensions

Cost-effective #1: By reducing traffic costs

If your business depends on cloud services, you’re probably familiar with the experience of having unexpected, hidden charges crop up on your monthly invoice. At times, the cloud cost structure can be quite opaque, making it difficult to accurately gauge in advance the monthly costs.

One of the most common sources of unanticipated charges is the service’s data transfer fees. ShimmerCat knows that this is a common challenge and therefore provides a service with no hidden costs that you can use for moving your traffic from your current content platform, bucket, DAM, CDN, etc and reduce costs. Aron Bergström, Systems Architect ITCM, did this and explains:

With ShimmerCat we have optimized the cost of data traffic by moving traffic from AWS CloudFront. We managed to implement the connection to ShimmerCat in under 2 hours as we already had a public S3 bucket and a “rewrite” to CloudFront


Cost-effective #2: By increasing the conversion rate

One of the most important aspects of e-commerce is conversion optimization. There are some commonly discussed factors that affect conversion rates, including page design, page layout, the text and images on the page, checkout process, and so on. For example, If it’s not clear to a page visitor what action they should take next or if too many options are presented, the visitor may leave the website.

But many times there is a significant blind spot in most discussions about conversion optimization — page load time.

Page load time has a huge impact on conversion optimization

Independent of all previously listed factors, website speed improvements will improve conversion rates even if the page still has other areas that need to be optimized. Page speed affects both conversion rate and SEO. Thus, improving loading times can help increase both total traffic and the conversion rate for a page.

Page load time might be one of the most overlooked areas of conversion optimization, yet also one of the most direct ways to improve your own website’s conversion rates.

Images are a big reason why websites load slowly. Average webpage payload is 2MB, and 50% of that is images. Images are larger than they need to be and can be optimized with no impact on quality. ShimmerCat makes this easy, and therefore provides a cost-effective approach to help increase the conversion rate

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