ShimmerCat Accelerator

A disruptive solution that helps improve website speed — the next generation of web accelerators.


How it works

ShimmerCat handles the communication with the website visitor while also collecting valuable data. This data is analyzed with statistical inference and other machine learning methods to detect patterns create optimization rules that are sent back to ShimmerCat. These rules are then used to deliver an optimized and faster loading website to the website visitor.

Image Bot report and review — regular information for ShimmerCat customers
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    Add ShimmerCat to your stack

    The web server will help you handle all requests for things which are part of your e-commerce website

  2. 2

    Data collection

    ShimmerCat collects web traffic data from HTTP headers and other metadata — timestamps, TCP details, TLS and protocol fingerprints, etc.

  3. 3

    Data analysis

    ShimmerCat sends data about the traffic to our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure analyzes the data, and sends back directives to ShimmerCat

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    ShimmerCat uses the data analysis results to manage the traffic in a way that boost performance, increases security, and improves website loading times.

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    Customer control

    ShimmerCat provides data and an API to enable customer control. For example, bot report emails as seen to the right are sent on a regular basis.

Build extremely fast websites, easy as pie.

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