ShimmerCat Accelerator

ShimmerCat Accelerator

ShimmerCat Accelerator is a disruptive solution that helps improve website speed. The accelerator is simply added on top of your current e-commerce website where it takes the place of a conventional edge server, e.g. Apache or NginX. No need for any changes to your current setup.

ShimmerCat handles the communication with the website visitor while also collecting valuable data. This data is sent to our AI engine and analysis service, where we detect patterns, and send optimization rules back to ShimmerCat. These rules are then used to deliver an optimized and faster loading website to the website visitor.

Generally speaking, ShimmerCat Accelerator is divided into two parts:

  • A set of programs, including a HTTP/2 web server, installed in a edge server
  • A cloud analysis service where an AI engine runs

Performance Improvements

The expected results depend on your current setup, but so far we have experienced:

  • 30%-60% loading time improvements, defined as time visitor waits to have website ready for first interaction, compared to unaccelerated setups
  • Much less bot traffic, and thus enhanced website security

Try ShimmerCat Accelerator

We have made it easy for you to try ShimmerCat Accelerator on your own. Basically there are only three steps to setup and start using the Accelerator, and you can try it for free here.

You can try ShimmerCat Accelerator on your domains for a week. If you decide to use our services for more than a week we will enable all of it for you again. We will be happy to assist you!

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ShimmerCat provides an automatic way of going beyond handmade conventional optimizations, at a fraction of the cost and with transparent results. Are you ready for the future of web accelerators?

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