Accelerator Network

Custom-built edge server network to keep content 'hot' at all times for high availability e-commerces.


How it works

An Accelerator Network is a geographically distributed group of edge servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content using ShimmerCat Accelerator. An Accelerator Network allows for the quick and strategic transfer of assets needed for loading e-commerce websites.

Image Create your own server network — based on your website traffic
  1. 1

    Decide on server locations based on your web traffic

    Create a custom made edge server network tailored for the specific web traffic of your domains.

  2. 2

    Install ShimmerCat on the servers

    Here we simply use automatic Ansible recipes. This step also includes load balancer setup.

  3. 3

    Configuration and pre-checks

    For the setup, we usually do not need any specific info from the application owner. Pre-checks are made for the website to test that everything works as expected.

  4. 4

    Change DNS and go live!

    When everything is ready, the application owner can simply change the DNS to the ShimmerCat edge servers, or if they want, create a setup where a proportion of the web traffic is directed there.

Build extremely fast websites, easy as pie.

We have made it easy for you to try and use ShimmerCat Accelerator on your own. There are only three steps to setup and start using the Accelerator to serve your website. Try Now ↗


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