Accelerator Network

Accelerator Network

A ShimmerCat Accelerator Network is a geographically distributed group of edge servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content using ShimmerCat Accelerator. An Accelerator Network allows for the quick and strategic transfer of assets needed for loading e-commerce websites.

Edge servers are external caches for static resources with HTTP/2 Push and bot filtering and protection. The edge servers are also used to provide redundancy.

Custom-built edge server network

With ShimmerCat Accelerator Network you can create a edge server network tailored for your specific web traffic, to keep content “hot” at all times for your website visitors.

"Custom-built edge server network to keep content 'hot' at all times for for high availability e-commerces"

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ShimmerCat provides an automatic way of going beyond handmade conventional optimizations, at a fraction of the cost and with transparent results. Are you ready for the future of web accelerators?

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