Nominated for Umeågalan

Sep 20, 2019

ShimmerCat are proud to be nominated for the award "Spin-off company of the Year" at Umeågalan 2019.


Award motivation text:

ShimmerCat is a startup company founded by researchers from Umeå University. The company has a solution for the e-commerce challenge of creating faster loading times. Studies show that if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 53% of visitors leaves the site, and if the loading time exceeds 5 seconds, 74% leaves the site. As e-commerce websites has become more advanced, dynamic, and image and video intensive than ever, the optimization work has become more and more complex. Increased access via mobile and more geographically distributed customers also affects loading times. Optimizing performance is complex and expensive, and at the same time performance has a direct impact on customer experience and conversion rates. Shimmercat has a unique solution for optimizing loading times up to 70% faster. The company has attracted several e-commerce customers in a short time, and the company is currently focusing on offering its solution via renowned e-commerce platforms and web agencies.

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