ShimmerCat's funded by the Swedish Internet Fund

May 3, 2016

ShimmerCat receives funding from the Swedish Internet Fund to help the Internet become faster.



With the introduction of HTTP/2 PUSH, the way the web works may change forever. Instead of incremental requests and responses, browsers may opt to send a cache digest to servers describing which representations they already have. After examining the needs of a browser, servers may bash responses to the the browser using the HTTP/2 PUSH mechanism, thereby eliminating the need for time-expensive round-trips and accelerating the way the web works for everybody. The discussions for an standard that allows the browser to describe its needs to the server have already started at the w3c, see, and ShimmerCat is participating in them. In this research project, the goal is to create an open-source implementation in the client side of the functionality proposed by the discussion group, as well as incorporating said functionality in an open source server-side library, with the aim of validating the standard proposal before its approval and to provide feedback to other contributors.

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