Shimmercat granted EU-funding

Apr 23, 2019

ShimmerCat are proud to have been granted support for international market development by the European Union.


Website speed is the key to success for e-commerce websites. A fast website creates a better user experience, improves Google ranking, and most importantly, it increases conversion. Slow websites cost millions of dollars a year in lost sales, and therefore this is a pressing problem on a growing market that call for efficient solutions.

The Umeåbased startup ShimmerCat, a spinoff from Umeå university, have created a software that can utilize the features of HTTP/2, the new communication protocol launched in 2015, to help online businesses create faster websites automatically.

ShimmerCat have now been granted 50 000 euros by the EU Horizion 2020 SME Instrument phase 1 for the international market development of their software.

  • "We are grateful that the European Union thinks that our software has the potential to make internet better and more inclusive.” says Henrik Frienholt, one of ShimmerCats founders.

Huge recognition

This time more than 2000 european companies applied for a SME Instrument and only 260 companies were accepted. So it a huge recognition for ShimmerCat to receive this funding says Karl-Erik Johansson, international business developer at Uminova Innovation and SME Instruments adviser who helped ShimmerCat with their application.

  • “The fact that we have been able to communicate what we can and what we want so we were accepted in such a fierce competition makes me really proud. It’s a huge boost for us in our work to make the software even better and help e-commerce websites improve their business.”, ShimmerCat's CEO Ludvig Bohlin concludes.

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