About the Master property

The Master property contains the indications to create a so called “master image” based on the original image from which the optimization happens.

In this step, a low resolution image can be up-scaled to 4x it’s original size. The algorithm for this uses machine learning, and produces very sharp contours.

Admisible values are:

- `srgan-dt-x4`: Use classic SRGAN, trained on the DIVK image
  dataset, with 4x upscaling.
  After that, a color correction step and a noise removal steps
  are applied to the up-scaled image.
  Use this value of the enumeration if you want to produce
  up-scaled versions of images starting from a lower resolution
  image which is the best you have available.
- `identity`: Do not change the image, use the original value.
  This is the algorithm to use if you are starting from a
  high-resolution image and want to shrink it down to some
  manegeable size.

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