Enable JPEG XL in Chrome

Feb 3, 2022

JPEG has dominated the world of image compression since its inception 27 years ago. During the same period, a variety of media encodings for other files, particularly for videos and sounds, arose and grew increasingly refined. There were a couple of major reasons why no format could ever replace JPEG during this time. One was a lack of essential progressive migration features, while the other was psychovisual performance in professional quality photography.

Your browser does not support JPEG XL image format


JPEG XL is a new image royalty-free raster graphics file format that for some is seen as the next-generation image encoding standard. The new standard offers some advantages over other image formats. You can read more about in this blog post

Enable JPEG XL in Chrome

In the latest version of Chrome, enter chrome://flags/#enable-jxl into the address bar.

Using the Enable JXL image format drop-down, change the setting from Default/Disabled to Enabled, and then click Relaunch, see screenshot below.

After the relaunch, it should now be possible to display JXL images in Chrome, and you should for example be able to see the image above to verify the functionality!

Google Chrome activate JPEG XL

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