Accelerator Subscription

Create a fully customized solution for your e-commerce

What you get with Accelerator Subscription

AI and Automation

Data about website visitor behavior is collected and analyzed in the AI engine to optimise for performance - automatically

HTTP/2 Push

Optimize the delivery of web resources to browsers by automatically leveraging machine learning and HTTP/2 Push

Bot Blocking

Increase security and allocate more computing resources to human visitors with automatic bot detection and blocking

Built-in Monitoring

To support high availability, measure performance and provide clear indicators about how to improve and grow the bsiness.

More about the Accelerator Subscription

The Accelerator Subscription includes ShimmerCat’s HTTP/2 prioritization with automated ahead-of-time asset delivery - thanks to statistical inference and other machine learning methods. It is made for the specific use case of e-commerce: reducing website loading time is critical for the customer’s bottom line, pages are heavy on images; high availability is a must. You get the tools that revolutionize the way of creating fast websites, and you can customize it according to your needs.

Try the Accelerator Subscription

We have made it easy for you to try the Accelerator Subscription on your own. Basically there are only three steps to setup and start using the Accelerator, and you can try it for free here.

You can try the Accelerator on your domains for a week. If you decide to use our services for more than a week we will enable all of it for you again. We will be happy to assist you!

Use Accelerator Subscription to grow your business:

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