Regional Scale Up

For the fast-growing e-commerce ready for the next step

What you get with the Regional Scale Up

Regional Edge Server Network

Custom-built global edge server network to keep content "hot" at all times for for high availability e-commerces

ShimmerCat Accelerator

HTTP/2 prioritization with automated ahead-of-time asset delivery, thanks to statistical inference and other machine learning methods

1 to 5 domains

Cover all the countries in your region to create a better and faster user expereince for all your visitors

Detailed Live Monitoring

Get data i real time as well as direct and highly competent technical support easily available via tickets system and chat

More about the Regional Scale Up

The Regional Scale Up plan ensures that you can grow your business to the next stage. The plan meets the demands of the fast-growing e-commerce ready for the next step. We help you setup a Regional Acceleration Network to provide your visitors with a fast experience sp that you can continue to grow your business.

Use Regional Scale Up to grow your business:

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