Smart Compression

ShimmerCat leverages machine-Learning algorithms can be used to identify key areas of an input image, e.g. “clothes”, “skin”, and “background”. With that information it’s possible to process each area independently, to produce images that provide better visual results under compression and encoding.

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Apply ShimmerCat to create your own Edge Accelerator Network

The product license comes as a self-contained edge software installer, easily added for all server providers. The installer contains the award-winning web server connected to the machine learning engine that automatically creates optimization rules.

Each customer will have dedicated deployments and analysis is made from log data of the specific (not shared) to enable optimal performance and security improvements. You can have several customers in the same server setup and with ShimmerCat's Ansible recipes, the onboarding can be automated.

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How It Works

ShimmerCat handles the communication with the website visitor while also collecting valuable data. This data is analyzed with statistical inference and other machine learning methods to detect patterns create optimization rules that are sent back to ShimmerCat. These rules are then used to deliver an optimized and faster loading website to the website visitor.

1. Add ShimmerCat to your stack

The web server will help you handle all requests for things which are part of your e-commerce website.

2. Data collection

ShimmerCat collects web traffic data from HTTP headers and other metadata — timestamps, TCP details, TLS and protocol fingerprints, etc.

3. Data analysis

ShimmerCat sends data about the traffic to our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure analyzes the data, and sends back directives to ShimmerCat.

4. Automatic optimizations

ShimmerCat uses the data analysis results to manage the traffic in a way that boost performance, increases security, and improves website loading times.

Automatic and data-driven

Enjoy intelligent performance optimizations based on your actual visitor data

  • Bot Management

    Bots account for a large amount of traffic in many of our customer’s sites. The problem is that they take resources and make the site slow.
    By having machine-learning separate bad bots from good bots and human visitors, ShimmerCat can allocate more resources to human visitors to make the website load faster for them.

  • Image Optimization

    Images account for much of the loading time on websites. This is why optimizing them through compression is strongly recommended.

    ShimmerCat's image optimization differentiates itself from many other services since it is tailored for e-commerce sites to serve quality checked next-gen image formats, including WEBP, JPEG2000 and AVIF.

  • Send assets over latency

    With HTTP/2 Push you can use the time-to-first-byte (TTFB) — otherwise spent on waiting — to deliver website resources faster to your visitors.
    This means you can actually boost performance by using the latency to send assets.

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Key Features

A Best-Of-Breed Solution To Cover All Your Needs


Push Assets During TTFB


Machine-learning Bot Blocking


Image Optimization


Brotli Compression






Automated workflow


API Reference


Intelligent Asset Delivery


First-time visitor hot cache


Customizable cache rules and TTL


CDN On-Demand

Empower Deep Learning Technology

With innovate performance techniques - created by Swedish researchers in computational science

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