Next-Gen Image Formats

ShimmerCat automatically selects and uses the most effective next-gen image format among WebP, JPEG XL, and AVIF.

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Key Benefits

Next-gen formats come with several benefits

Serve smallest possible image file
Support of new image formats
Support of upcoming image formats
Quality-first approach

About Next Generation Image Formats

Put simply, next generation (next-gen) images are image formats that have superior compression and quality characteristics to their JPEG and PNG ancestors. These next-gen image formats offer the dual benefit of taking up less data while maintaining a high level of quality. So to summarize:

"The Next Generation Image Formats reduce image file size, without any perceptible drop in quality.”

WebP is probaly the two most famous next-generation file format, but AVIF and JPEG XL are also on their way.

What does Google say about next-generation formats?

If you have used Google PageSpeed Insights, you have likely been given the recommendation to Serve images in next-gen formats, see example in the image below.

PageSpeed serve images in next-gen formats

The reason for this is not that next-gen images “magically” improves your websites, but rather that the images are smaller (with equal quality) and therefore makes the size of the site smaller, which in turn will make it load faster. In 2014, Google revealed that using WebP images for the thumbnails of YouTube videos reduced the page load time by 10%. They confirmed in the same news that WebP is a much faster image format than the other image formats, and they are working on making it better.


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