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It's Time to Replace JPEG With a Next-Generation Image Codec

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Key Benefits

JPEG-XL comes with several benefits

Already implemented in ShimmerCat
Improved compression
Improved quality
The future of image formats

The Next Generation of Image Codecs

JPEG has dominated the world of image compression since its inception 27 years ago. During the same period, a variety of media encodings for other files, particularly for videos and sounds, arose and grew increasingly refined. There were a couple of major reasons why no format could ever replace JPEG during this time. One was a lack of essential progressive migration features, while the other was psychovisual performance in professional quality photography.

JPEG XL Codec was announced in April 2018 to be an advanced version of JPEG that improved several elements such as compression efficiency and image size. It also offered a lot of new features that were immensely beneficial for compressing professional high-quality images.

JPEG XL Codec has all the great features of Google PIK and FUIF. It also offers many new features that make this format the future of image codecs. Some of the most anticipated features are discussed below.

Universal Codec

JPEG XL supports a wide range of image types, including standard photographs, illustrations, cartoons, computer-generated pictures, logos, user-interface elements, screenshots, maps, medical imagery, images for printing, such as Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) with additional spot colors, scientific photographs, satellite photos, game visuals, big images (gigapixel or even terapixel), tiny icons, images with alpha transparency, selection masks, or depth information, layered images, and In terms of workflows, JPEG XL can be used not just as a web-delivery format, but also as local storage and exchange format for authoring workflows that require quick and effective lossless compression and a high bit depth. JPEG XL completely outperforms JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and TIFF in terms of functionality and compression.


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