ShimmerCat Image CDN

ShimmerCat Image CDN decreases image payload, delivers images tailored exactly to each requesting device, and instantly sends images from the edge of the network. The result is faster page loading, higher SEO ranking, and better UX

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Deliver images via the CDN

An image CDN will cache optimized images close to the visitiors. The images have been automatically resized, compressed and converted to next-generation file formats — like WebP, JPEG-XL and AVIF

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Reduce origin load and data transfer costs

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) reduces the cost of transferring data because it sits between users and the website's hosting servers, or origin servers, cutting down on traffic between the hosting servers and the rest of the Internet.

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About ShimmerCat Image CDN

Tailored for the needs of a growing e-commerce shop

  • What are edge servers?

    The edge servers are geographically distributed servers where your optimized images files are cached and served to visitors. The aim is to reduce the geographic distance between your website visitors and website servers. By staging content closer to the visitor, the CDN can deliver faster, reduce latency, and avoid long trips back to a single origin server that might be on the other side of the globe.
    Edge servers are Linux environments suitably provisioned to run ShimmerCat. ShimmerCat should run in a Linux server or virtual appliance since it relies in Linux’s epoll for handling I/O channels in a scalable way. Your web application can, and should, run in a separate server environment.

  • Can I add ShimmerCat Image CDN to my current CDN?

    Yes, image CDNs can work side-by-side or in conjunction with existing CDNs. Traditional CDNs might provide features people prefer to keep. Therefore, the only thing necessary is to enable the image CDN to handle the image traffic.

    Usually it is recommended that the image CDN serve traffic directly to end users. However, there are certain cases where an image CDN can integrate with existing CDNs like Akamai, Cloudfront and Cloudflare.

  • Can I serve also other files than images?

    Yes! ShimmerCat Image CDN uses the ShimmerCat web server, a specially optimized HTTP/2 web-server. ShimmerCat is a Haskell program where some of the low-level, CPU intensive functions have been offloaded to C code. Haskell’s GHC runtime offers a massively parallel runtime and evented I/O masked as user-space threads. The Haskell programming language is functional and pure, which reduces chances for data corruption and security breaches. ShimmerCat’s I/O is completely event-based, just as for example nginx’s is.
    In other words - yes you can also serve other files like for example css and javascript if you want!

Image ShimmerCat Image CDN handles requests from website visitors and serves the smallest image file possible according to the browser.

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