Why ShimmerCat

We asked our customers for
their 10 best reasons
for using ShimmerCat.


HTTP/2 Push

ShimmerCat collects data, analyzes it and provides rules on how to push assets before the request is made. It can predict what the visitor needs based on conditions like geographical location, device, and browser. By doing so, assets can be pushed before the HTML file has been produced.

Bottom line: You can use the time-to-first-byte (TTFB) - otherwise spent on waiting - to deliver website resources faster to your visitors.

Strategic Asset Prioritization

If you have a satisfactory time-to-first-byte (TTFB), you will still benefit from sending the resources intelligently. ShimmerCat can use the traffic data to know beforehand what assets your visitors need to interact with your website faster. By strategically sending the assets in the correct order, you can significantly improve loading times.

Bottom line: Provide your website visitors the resources they need in an optimal order to speedup their experience.


Easy integration with SaaS solution

ShimmerCat is a SaaS solution that is simply added on top of your stack, where it handles the communication with your website visitors. Thanks to this, it can collect traffic data and provide automatic performance optimizations with machine learning and AI.

Bottom line: No changes needed to your source code or your current IT infrastructure.

Smart bot blocking

ShimmerCat uses visitor data to classify bad bots from from human traffic and legitimate crawlers. Unlike other primitive bot blocking services, ShimmerCat proves its accuracy claims with a false positive report. You also get full control with an API that lets you block or allow any IP you want.

Bottom line: You get a more secure site and reduced backend load. It also enables more precise number for your marketing campaigns.


Image prioritization

Random loading of images waste your visitors' bandwidth. This means that the browser ends up downloading smaller off-screen images (9-12 and 5-8) before the on-screen ones. This can cause an inferior user experience that is even more significant for slower connections. ShimmerCat can identify high priority images and prioritize these to improve your loading times.

Bottom line: The majority of your visitors use mobiles where bandwidth often ends up being allocated to the wrong assets. This feature helps you improve mobile conversion rates.

Image Optimization

Next-gen image formats like JPEG2000, and WebP have superior compression and quality characteristics compared to their older JPEG and PNG counterparts. ShimmerCat automatically encodes your images in these formats, compresses the images, scales them to the visitor's device, and enhances the images to provide a superior visitor experience.

Bottom line: Instead of using several third-party solutions to optimize images, ShimmerCat intelligently combines several images features.


Global Performance

With ShimmerCat you can create your own custom-built edge server network based on your global traffic. While traditional CDNs pull data from your server causing initial page loads to be slower, ShimmerCat ensures that your content is "hot" at all time so that all your first-time visitors always get a fast loading website.

Bottom line: CDNs have been around for more than 20 years and still only treats the symptoms of slow loading times. ShimmerCat customers gain 30-60% faster loading times compared to a CDN setup.

Automation that reduces manual optimization work

Optimizing html code, javascript, images, and HTTP/2 Push rules takes a lot of time. ShimmerCat collects traffic data that is analyzed to create reduced loading times - automatically.

Bottom line: Instead of spending time on manual optimization you can focus on other tasks that can increase conversions.


Control and monitoring

ShimmerCat provides built-in monitoring to support high availability and control. Since ShimmerCats manages your website traffic and collects data, you can get full transparency about the behavior of your website thanks to system dashboards, weekly data report emails, and the API.

Bottom line: Increased control and monitoring helps you take informed decisions that improves your business.

Scale-up as you grow

When your business grow and you enter new markets, you can simply add more edge servers to your Accelerator Network. You can also easily extend your presence when targeting new markets, or when running campaigns.

Bottom line: It is very smooth to scale up and use the load balancing during high-traffic holidays such as Black Friday.


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