ShimmerCat Partner Program

Take control and integrate the award-winning ShimmerCat SaaS-solution in your own value proposition to grow further.

We know partnerships. To make them fly our incitement is to create advantageous revenue share models. As a partner you’ll get a tool to improve your clients websites and make them fast, intelligent, and secure. And everything is on-demand.


Why partner with ShimmerCat?

At ShimmerCat you’ll not only have access to a market-making technology stack made by Swedish researchers, but that is only a part of it. Validating performance is a hard with several interacting components that affect your KPI:s.

We know about the challenge! To make the technology's impact more visible, ShimmerCat collects daily performance data that is easily accessible. Our Chrome extension shows our image optimization live for anyone to check the impact. You can benchmark our tech towards your origin at any time.

Make your clients more satisfied with transparency and go beyond their standard expectations.

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Performance Improvement

ShimmerCat improves above fold optimization by 30-60% in average - with our edge network package.

Bots Blocked

Bot management stops in average 99,6% of all malicious bot attempts - save bandwidth and take further control of your traffic with our Bot API.

Image Compression

Image optimization converts to next-gen formats and reduces file sizes by an average of 48% - without compensating quality.

A Best-Of-Breed Solution — To Cover All Your Needs

ShimmerCat helps you provide fast and optimized e-commerce websites automatically. Create a better user experience and reduce manual work.


Cloud-based, customizable and on-demand. Create your custom made server network with any server provider

Control & Insight

Use visitor data reports, real-time Grafana monitoring dashboards and the API to improve your website and take the next step


Just add more servers when you enter new markets internationally, or when you want to plan for traffic peaks


The intelligent optimizations makes your site smaller and together with the dedicated servers it makes your website more mobile friendly


An award-winning software solution created by Swedish researchers. An EU-funded innovation that is trusted by big partners


Bot detection and bot blocking that protects your site from malicious attacks. Built-in sophisticated security that is not just a Javascript

Page Speed

Resource compression, smart asset prioritization and next-gen image optimization that boost the speed of your website


Automatic optimization with statistical inference and machine learning based on log data and customer behaviour

Easy Integration

User friendly setup and configuration along with an customisable API that puts you in control. Fast and direct support if needed


We believe in partnership

Set up your own ShimmerCat offering in a flexible structure of responsibilities and revenue. We’re looking for both technology partners and channel partners to accelerate more.

With ShimmerCat you will always have full access to a dedicated growth manager and our tech-team - directly in SLACK.

Join our journey!

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