Helping Outdoorexperten and Skistart grow sales

Outdoorexperten is one of Sweden's largest e-commerce sites. Since the start in 2005, it has been one of the Nordic region's largest providers of outdoor clothes and outdoor gear. Recently they bought the company Skistart to further broaden the already large product range.

Outdoorexperten is one of the Nordic region's largest providers of outdoor clothes and outdoor gear.

Market leaders

Outdoorexperten's products are sold all over the Nordic region, and recently the company bought Skistart to expand and broaden its product range. Since May 2017 Outdoorexperten has been using ShimmerCat's image optimization, including a custom made server network that also serves all Skistart domains.

ShimmerCat results

"Before ShimmerCat we had problems with handling unexpected traffic peaks, and to offer fast loading times across all devices. Now we have a significantly faster site that sails smoothly through traffic peaks, like Black-Friday, without any problems"

Pierre Breznik, CEO Outdoorexperten


Performance is user experience. Depending on how your website behaves, it will affect customer purchase decisions, influence overall satisfaction, and impact conversion.

Pierre Breznik, CEO Outdoorexperten:

How is ShimmerCat helping Outdoorexperten?

We always strive to improve our digital user experience. We experienced that it was difficult to deliver an optimal user experience at traffic peaks that occurred at, for example, Black-Friday, with both downtime and slow loading times as a result. With the help of ShimmerCat's load balancer and AI-driven bot filtering, we could greatly reduce the pressure on the application servers. In combination with a tailor-made regional acceleration network of servers, including ShimmerCat's market-leading priority and HTTP/2 push technology, we were able to further enhance the user experience. Our loading time improved considerably and especially for mobile formats.

What is the result of the collaboration with ShimmerCat?

As a technology enthusiast, it has been interesting to follow how ShimmerCat's technology has helped us on several levels. We have improved our loading times by 44% - which has led to increased sales. Next, we will use ShimmerCat's new technology for automatic image optimization and prioritized image loading.

Describe the collaboration with ShimmerCat?

We have a dedicated Slack channel where we get both fast support and valuable advice regarding optimization. In other words, it is easy to cooperate with them.

What would you like to say to other e-commerces that face the challenge of slow loading times?

ShimmerCat provides an intelligent technology that actually not only treats the symptoms, but the basic challenge of loading times. For us, the effect has been clear and we also get full transparency in how our acceleration network behaves. We would definitely recommend the technology!

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