Global image optimization for Nudie Jeans

With a passion for denim, the Swedish brand Nudie Jeans was founded in 2000 in Gothenburg. Today, they are especially recognized for their design and production of jeans. Their collections are created from 100% organic cotton and have received a lot of attention for their sustainability work. They are at the forefront when it comes to leading the clothing industry towards a more sustainable way of working.

Nudie Jeans is a global leader in sustainable fashion

ShimmerCat results

"We use ShimmerCat to always serve the best possible file format for each customer. At the same time we also future-proof our setup, for example by using AVIF rather than WEBP and also for even newer formats like JPEG-XL when they arrive"

Melker Lindström, Digital Tech Lead Nudie Jeans


ShimmerCat's seamless integration image optimization helped to remove maintenance work for Nudie Jeans

Melker Lindström, Digital Tech Lead Nudie Jeans:

Why do you use ShimmerCat?

ShimmerCat has helped us to setup our very own dedicated solution for image optimization, and they always answer directly when you ask something.

What are you most happy with?

We have probably mostly used them to service the best possible file format for each customer. And to secure the future, for example AVIF rather than WEBP and in the future an even newer format when it comes.
They download the original files from different places depending on the URL address, so there are a bunch of rules, for example: if filename = "/media/files/*" forward from address XX, if filename = "/img/*" download from address YY and compress.
At our static domain we do not only have images but also css, js etc, and no other image solution could handle such a setup.

Describe the collaboration with ShimmerCat?

We have a dedicated Slack channel where we directly can get support and valuable advice regarding image optimization.

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