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Using The Latest Technologies Created By Our Researchers

ShimmerCat offers a range of innovative services to improve performance, security and automation. It comes in three main technology packages as a SaaS service, a SaaS + edge servers, and as a standalone API. The core of the services consists of two parts.

(1) ShimmerCat's web server and software that runs in the edge servers, specifically designed to serve web traffic and collect technical data about said traffic. (2) A cloud service using a machine learning brain to analyse data, and assist the working of the edge servers to improve performance and security.

ShimmerCat also comes as a simple self-contained edge software installer (VM) and can be used with all server providers. If you are interested in integrating the web server in your own infrastructure then please let us know. It’s developed by our resechares and designed to use features like HTTP/2 push in the most strategic, automatic and efficient way.

Accelerator Network Image

Case Study:
Edge Accelerator Network

Full feature

Website loading times with HTTP/2 push is 48% faster than before. Brotli compressions provides 25% reduction in data file size compared to origin server Gzip for static assets. Image optimization compression gives up to 70% smaller files, which combined with Brotli compression means increased speed and lower expenses.

Image API Image

Case Study:
Image Optimization

Image Optimization API

Image API to enhance quality and lower the file size. A 30% reduction in page weight and a faster image render up to 15%. Fast data processing of millions of master images optimized with automatic quality checks. Improved loading time.

Bot Management Image

Case Study:
Bot Management

Bot Identification & Filtering

Around 1 million sessions per week, and around 500 000 suspected bot attempts blocked by ShimmerCat's bot management. The attempts are redirected to a reCAPTCHA page in order to stop malicious bots, reduce server load, and improve performance.


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