Bot Filtering


Bot Filtering

When a visitor enters your website and is identified as a bot, the visitor will be provided a reCAPTCHA challenge to defeat. reCAPTCHA is a free service that helps to protect websites from abuse, and it requires visitors to be able to click a box to show that their are not a bot.


In the case of ShimmerCat, when a visitors enters your website, the below reCAPTCHA page will be shown.


You will get regular data reports with information about how many sessions was shown this page, i.e. blocked from visiting your site.

Report on false positives

A false positive is when a suspected bot access attempt is redirected to the reCAPTCHA page and the reCAPTCHA challenge is defeated - very likely by a human. This happens because the request comes from an IP address that ShimmerCat’s bot blocking mechanism has detected as malicious.

Information about false positives are sent to you in the regular email data reports.

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