Dashboard & Monitoring


Dashboard & Monitoring

ShimmerCat collects many types of data, and this data is presented in Grafana dashboards and via regular data reports.

Monitoring with Grafana Dashboards

The Grafana dashboard is a powerful data analytics and visualization tool that integrates with a wide variety of sources that store time series data. ShimmerCat utilizes these Grafana dashboards to display interesting monitoring data.

The dashboards gives information about incoming data for your domains. Currently the Dashboard contains metrics about, for example, number of active sessions, the system load, how long time the servers have been up running and taking traffic, the byte sizes fetched and received at the servers from visitors, and the number of HTTP responses sent by the web server to web browser.

Dashboard image

Data reports

ShimmerCat sends out regular data reports by email to users, including statistics about the customer regarding the bot statistics. It includes, e.g., weekly session data reports, first-time visitor data, bot statistics, and also data regarding false positives.

The reports also provides information about bot review, i.e. bots that it’s not clear whether they are good or bad. We therefore need you to review these bots for the classification.

Bot email image

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